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Hollandaise Sauce

Recipe from Grandmother McKinney Adapted by Pam McKinney

YIELD: Serves 6 - 8

TIME: 15 minutes

The brilliant 15 minute start to finish single saucepan method for perfect hollandaise invented by Grandmother McKinney. No blenders, no double boilers, no sweat! It’s like a magic trick...but better!


  • 3 X-Large or 4 Large egg yolks (add another if using medium sized eggs)

  • Juice from 1 lemon (3-4 T depending on how lemony you like it)

  • 1 stick (1/2c.) of cold salted butter


  1. In a small saucepan, whisk together yolks and lemon juice

  2. Place whole stick of cold butter in the pan

  3. Over high heat use whisk to spin the stick of butter in the pan, lifting the pan from the burner periodically to moderate/control the temperature.

  4. Do not let the mixture become hot or the mixture will curdle/scramble.

  5. The mixture should remain just warm enough to melt the butter.

  6. Whisk continually until butter is completely melted

  7. Once fully melted, if the consistency is too thin, place briefly on burner alternating whisking/lifting until the mixture thickens.

  8. Remove from heat and keep whisking until it cools enough to pass the curdle danger!


Once it’s just right you can arrest the cooking by placing the bottom of the pan in an inch or so of cold water in the sink while you whisk!

If you need a rescue...cause it’s starting to curdle...just drop a small ice cube in the pan and whisk like every time!

Stay tuned for a short video...demonstrating the technique!


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22 mars 2021

Love it!!

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